Tanamasoandro will try to summarize here the reference definitions, valid for everyone, whether you are in France or Madagascar. The first rule to respect in all areas by the way: bring in a professional, titled and recognized.
In Madagascar, as a new buyer, not aware of the uses of the trade or the environment, it depends, it will be difficult for you to identify the roles of the various stakeholders. In my opinion, prefer to have a single interlocutor for all your steps to build or buy your villa or house. It will always be easier in the event of a dispute later.

What is a Expert Surveyor? What exactly does he do ?

In practice, we do not make a big difference between a surveyor or a surveyor-expert. He exercises a liberal profession with a "protected title". Its main role is to say "the property". We will come back to it. Here is an excellent video, broadcast by expert surveyors in Madagascar to explain the profession to us in a few minutes.

The expert surveyor is responsible for the following tasks :

  • It records the dimensions of a field,
  • He establishes the boundary,
  • He is the one who draws up the plan of the land,
  • You can entrust him with the responsibilities of land planning or building construction (without interfering in the missions of an architect, of course)
Source : These explanations are provided to us by the expert surveyors of Refintany Madagascar.

What is the difference between a surveyor-expert and a surveyor-topographer ?

In fact, their activities make it possible to differentiate them. Both are involved in land activity. It is a liberal profession, organized in order, theOrdre des Géomètres-experts. Simplifying, we can state that theexpert surveyor, as its title suggests, will be "confined" to classical surveying work. He does topographical surveys. He draws up the plans, the drawings. We know him mainly from his CAD software and his calculations of footage. In the field, the surveyor-topographer now uses a modern satellite tracking tool (GPS). This tool provides him with extremely precise markers of the terrain. While the expert surveyor, as its title suggests, is an expert in its field of expertise. In addition to these classic topographical works, he intervenes in land works: demarcation, division of plots (autorisation de morcellements) etc.  You can also ask him to analyze and draft the co-ownership regulations, always in relation with the other professions. We can say that the job of surveyor calls for a double specialization: that of topographer for the technical part. The surveyor part refers to the technical-legal aspect. Different skill levels exist depending on their missions.

Why you need to hire a expert surveyor ?

It's breaking down an open door to say that when everything is going well, there are no problems. In real life in the realm of land, nearly 90% of cases processed or pending in Malagasy courts concern land disputes. In real life land disputes on the Big Island, landlords refer to "the cadastral plan". However, it is only indicative and is worthless in court, especially if your opposing party "has watered" the judges and lawyers. Tanamasoandro suggests that you do not increase these statistics. The services and advice of expert surveyors will be useful to you in the event of disputes concerning easements, for example. The easements of passages, pipes, creation and limits of neighborhood fences are among the things to anticipate during an acquisition or parcel divisions or any other delimitation. Let us quote for example the rule of 3/6, which is not respected at all (just as we ignore the Highway Code, by the way). In French law and in other countries, your fence must be at least 3 meters away from the limit of the neighbor and the height of your trees or buildings must respect the 6 meters in height when they are close to the fence. from your neighbor. In this specific case, your windows will be "blind windows" or small in size. As stated above, the surveyor is the only one entitled to "say the property". His topographical surveys are used to draw up property plans. These documents are technically and legally valid. It is your responsibility to keep your copies safe. In the event of disputes, your property limits relating to the contiguous land are included as references. During the "field trip", your immediate and close neighbors were invited to testify and validate them. In Madagascar, this step is crucial and is the subject of very formalized rituals. If you choose to deviate from it, it could create neighborhood disturbances in the future. At the bare minimum, it will cost you a bottle of "Sambo" to offer to each neighbor and toast with them. So, Tanamasoandro recommends that you confirm it: a fire happened so quickly. The road to good neighborliness is still long.

To find out more, check out this video from the TVPLUS special, from June 2016. It contains information that is always useful to know. In Malagasy.

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