What does the Land Book contain ?

A new sheet is added each time the owner changes. In case of fragmentation, a new book is created. Its color may vary depending on the date of publication: pink, green. It is kept in a safe and secure place (at least in theory...). Obtaining a Duplicate is a difficult exercise. When you sever land, each new severed land will have its own book. The "mother book" will be handed over to the land registry services, if all the land has been parceled out in full. It may happen that there remains a parcel, the details of these parcelling out will be added in appendices in the main book. When consulting the land register, you must carefully read all the sheets in the appendix.

How is the Land Book presented ?

For information, without being exhaustive, here is how the land register presents itself in Madagascar.

Cover page :

The Land Title number and the name of the region where the land is located. For example, Antananarivo..

Second page :

  • Land designation and description
  • Nature and consistency : ex building land
  • Situation & nbsp ;: Fokontany, Firaisana, Fivondronana.
  • Capacity : the exact area in full
  • Limits: following appended to title.

Third page (First sheet):

  • Land title n°___________
  • Property called : land name
  • Requisition/Division : n°__________
  • The property :
    • name of the land subject of this title appearing in the land register of the Fivondronanampokotany of ____ (indicate Region where the land is located)
    • Belongs to: Last name, first name, profession, married to_______, son, daughter of_____
    • Living in_________
    • As owner (in case of joint ownership between several owners, indicate here the share of each)
By virtue of (designate here the decision ordering the registration or the acts justifying the break-up or amalgamation) Example : the deed of sale signed under private signature on April 25, 2011, duly legalized on the same day and registered on April 26, 2011, F89 No. 804 vol Ac3 and a requisition of March 4, 2011 for the purpose of dividing up the so-called property : Name of the property_______ Signed by the curator in office.

From the fourth page :

Tabs are provided for gluing the additions of sheets The Land Book contains the history of the land. It is registered with the Conservation Foncière

How to obtain the land register Procedure and procedure to follow

Tracking and descent on the ground

The establishment of the regular plan is the responsibility of the topographic service. He is in charge of site scouting. A deposit of 5000 Ariary (this may vary, inquire well) must be paid to obtain the registration number. It will serve as a reference for the follow-up of your file. The descent on the ground is carried out to establish the inventory of fixtures and the observation. A second tracking will be carried out later to ensure that the file can be processed.

Registration for the title

Then comes the registration for obtaining your title. This is where you assign a name to your land. You pay 50,000 Ariary (this may vary, inquire well) to obtain the title number.

Preparation of the demarcation

Once the title has been obtained, the topographic service prepares the file for demarcation. Then comes the final submission of the file to the domains service by the topographic service. At the service of the estates, the Head of Region or the Minister (depending on the area of the land) approves the Final Plan. You pay the fees to the registration and stamps service. Then return to the service of the domains which will deliver you, in the end, the Land Book. For further :
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