It connects Mahitsy and Antanetibe over a length of about 12 km. It is nicknamed “the egg route”. Its economic importance for breeders in the sector is therefore well established. Several broiler farm facilities are in operation here. Flying over the satellite map provided by Google Maps highlights them. It shows the importance of this road for the local population.

Some figures from the egg route

tanamasoandro Mahitsy Mahazaza route des oeufs

In August 2020, the Minister of Regional Planning and Public Works, Hajo Andrianainarivelo, made the site visit. According to his observations, the Zhongmei company, in charge of the site, has fallen behind schedule. The Covid-19 pandemic is the cause: Chinese workers are stranded in their countries of origin. In this regard, the Minister insisted that we recruit Malagasy workers, who are just as capable of carrying out this work and driving construction machinery. The company must finish this work according to the initial schedule, respecting local rules and current legislation in Madagascar.


State of progress of The egg route, in technical terms, these are:
3 Communes are beneficiaries and use this road: The Commune of Mahitsy, The Commune of Ampanotokana and the Commune Antanetibe Mahazaza.
The road is 19 km long in total.
Its main axis, Mahitsy in Antanetibe is 10 km long.
5 connection lines: one of 5 km, 1 km, 1.5 km, and 500 meters, according to MATP technicians.
As of August 2020, 80% of the earthworks have been completed. Sanitation and bridges at 50%.
The pavements are 20% complete.
The living base and its layout, fence included, are 100% ready. Equipment installations at the quarry at 100%.
The materials and equipment needed for the site were 70% imported.
And finally, the development of borrow lodge access is 100% operational.


Source : MATP

The Egg Route in June 2022

Once completed, this road is a nice ride for the inhabitants of the area: a road without holes, wide. On the technical side, the Chinese have pulled out all the stops: the pipes are designed to manage rainwater, which causes so much erosion by gravity. The rafts are in place. Let's hope it will be well restrained. 
In any case, as far as the breeders and collectors are concerned, their satisfaction is immense: the transport of the eggs is secure. there is less breakage during transport.

Where is the egg route? How to get there by car?

This new road is located about 34 kilometers from the capital Antananarivo, on the road to Majunga national road 4. More precisely at the exit of the city of Mahitsy.
If you are driving, follow the main road to Mahitsy. At the exit of the city, turn right at the first junction, direction Mahitsy hospital. The road has been redone thanks to a partnership with the Chinese. After 2 kms, you reach a crow's feet. On the left, we reach the Mahitsy hospital; So turn right, direction MAHAZAZA. You can't go wrong, before your amazed eyes, the Egg Route begins. The pavement is wide: admire all the engineering that has gone into it. Pipes, protection against gravity erosion on the sides of the hills, which border the road. You start to climb a mountain road. Admire the scenery and the work.
A little further, you will see on the right at the top of the mountain, an installation of a statue of the Virgin Mary. Some charlatans made the population believe that she appeared up there. Know that the Pope himself had condemned this manipulation of the consciences of the natives. But some continue to frequent the place, climbing the mountain on their knees.
A little further, there will be the small junction that allows you to reach the Monastery: another story. Keep right and let go. The layout of the roads has been specially studied to connect the various "intensive breeding centers" of chickens. Ask to visit. Don't forget the camera or your picnic. The light is magnificent whether it is in the morning or in the afternoon, just before sunset.
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