The target : Myvilla Tanamasoandro is aimed at families with 2 or 3 children, young executives with vehicles. They aspire to a peaceful living environment less than 30 km from the capital. The Mahitsy sector has a wide range of schools, from primary to secondary.
  • Description of the gated estate project : the targeted architecture will highlight the forms of "Malagasy" houses while offering modern comfort to ecological standards in the broadest sense.
  • Description of the house : type R+1 with 2 or 3 bedrooms, living room, garage, garden and west terrace.
  • Our Tanamasoandro structure has existed since 2009 and the land for this subdivision is titled and limited to a single owner. We offer plots from 400 or 500m², or even more depending on your budget.

TANAMASOANDRO is a registered trademark at OMAPI, Malagasy Office of Industrial Property


The project : gated estate with villas with an area of 400 to 500m2 to ecological standards.

The land is located at kilometer point 28 at the entrance to Mahitsy, RN4, Mahajanga road. In the background with track access, behind L'Espace Ravinala. The land has a strong west exposure, very bright, sloping, bare land in its current state. A road access is marked on the plan.

Why a housing estate in Mahitsy ?

Mahitsy is located 28 kilometers from the city center of the capital. It is a large village with a major bus station. The inhabitants of the sector are farmers and breeders with great potential and evacuate their production to the capital with great difficulty because of the road network. Indeed, until January 2019, we can say that these evacuations are penalized by traffic jams at the intersection of Talatamaty and Ambohibao. Thanks to the opening of new roads, the Tsarasaotra axis and Ambotrimanjaka, these obstacles have been reduced. We therefore believe that access to this sector will be facilitated in the years to come.

The environmental context of Mahitsy and surroundings

The children of the inhabitants of Mahitsy and the surrounding area are educated in the center of the village. At the infrastructure level, Mahitsy has :

  • A very popular and active conference center
  • Several leisure areas
  • Several very dynamic satellite villages
  • Several public or denominational high schools
  • A large weekly market
  • A large bus station
  • A busy hospital (chineese medecine)
  • Hardware stores
  • Several garages and mechanics for trucks among others
  • Wood and furniture merchants
  • The Egg Route (local article link)

In the surroundings, the proximity of Anosiala proves to be a relevant point of attraction. Anosiala features :

  • An important "Trano mora" city
  • A good residential sector
  • A city of function villas for the hospital
  • A large University Hospital Center with international standards
  • A large pharmaceutical distributor logistics center
  • Several free zone factories
  • Gas station
  • Vitogaz factory, among others
Ambohidratimo also remains a point of attraction, a little further away. In the medium term, Mahitsy will benefit from a strong residential attraction with the "Grand Tana" project. We had the opportunity to interview some doctors and paramedics from the CHU Anosiala: most of them live more than 2 hours away from their work. They have therefore arranged their schedules to stay on site for 3 rolling days and take rest for 2 consecutive days. A nearby subdivision project will improve their living and working conditions.
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